Imagemgik Support

Would be Sweet.

Hey Faisal,

In what way? ImageMagick is provided by all distributions that I know of…so installing it on Fedora is as easy as:

yum install ImageMagick

I can’t think of what else we could do about it–we don’t use it for our graphs or anything, so there’s no need for us to install it. It could be added to the deps list for a default install, but I suspect a lot of customers would rather we not install extra components that aren’t actually necessary.

I Dunno really how it works. I just see it added in my Cpanel on a reseller hosting i have.

Hehehe…I’m not sure what they’re doing with it. Seems silly for them to install a custom version of it outside of the standard package management of the system, when it is available on every platform that we’ll be supporting (and, in fact, because it is so widely used it is very likely to be installed by default).

So, I’m not discounting the value of ImageMagick, but we won’t be installing it in the Virtualmin bundle, unless something we configure needs it (which might actually be the case–again, it is very widely used, so some of our Script Installer scripts might need it…I’ll look into it). You can, of course, use the Webmin Software Packages module to see if you already have it, and if not you can install it.

I would like to add my support for the inclusion of ImageMagick, simply because more and more scripts are using it (Gallery 2.0, BitWeaver). In short - it’s damn useful, so it should be included, particurly on a virtual server package.