Image creation feedback

Ok, so I have cloudmin running a in a xen guest at a DC in Michigan, then my actual Xen Hosts down in Atlanta. Its very nice that image caching is now an option, but the problem is that whenever i create an image, it copies that image to cloudmin and then when i try to create an xen instance with it, it transfers it all the way back to atlanta again. Why does it just keep a copy there in the beginning? Its not a huge deal, but kind of annoying waiting when creating a bunch of images, etc.

That’s an excellent suggestion … it will be in the next Cloudmin release.

I would like to say that it could be also interesting to leave already copied images in the Xen Host, the ones that were first supplied by the cloudmin node. Like: IF image exists on Xen Host, use local image, otherwise, copy it to xen host and then deploy system using image.


This feature will be in Cloudmin 2.7 - you will be able to define a cache size for images on each host system, and copies images up to that size will be stored on the host to avoid re-copying. If the cache size is exceeded, older images will be removed…

Fantastic !! Thats really a bandwith saving feature :stuck_out_tongue: was well as time saver :slight_smile: