I'm interesting in VM2


I’m interesting into test Virtualmin VM2, I have wrote two or more e-mails to Virtualmin’s guys but withou any response.

Can anybody tell me if it’s possibile works on VM2 like a beta tester?


Email is usually a pretty bad way to reach me, I’m afraid. I get about 300 emails a day these days, and it’s very difficult to stay on top of them.

As for VM2 beta, I’ll lay out how we’re doing that here, and if anyone wants to try it out, and the following qualifications describe you…email me, and be patient. :wink:

The beta version is available to folks who have multiple Virtualmin Professional licenses (it only really becomes useful when you’ve got…maybe three or four licenses, though the virtualization management stuff is pretty nifty for anyone…but it’s real purpose in life is to help hosting providers who are managing hundreds or thousands of virtualized systems, running Virtualmin or Webmin or SSH).

The virtualization management tools support vservers, Xen, Zones, and EC2. No VMWare, no OpenVZ (though OpenVZ is mostly just a buggy fork of vservers ith some extra management cruft, so this shouldn’t be a big deal), and no Virtual Box.

And, we don’t have any near-term plans to support Windows guests beyond starting and stopping them. Installation of Windows, for example, is a non-starter, etc. So don’t even ask. :wink:

And, of course, support is limited to the bug tracker–and we’re not doing “support” in the sense we do it for Virtualmin for the free VM2 beta. We’re expecting a certain level of expertise from beta testers…so, reporting bugs is great, suggesting features is awesome, and sending patches is cool. Asking for large amounts of support is less good. :wink:

Just some clarifications. I don’t remember your emails, so I’m not speaking directly to you…just anyone who’s interested in the VM2 beta…I’ve been kind of ignoring beta requests because I’m so far behind on other things–like support and getting the new website launched. But, I’ll try to dig them up first thing tomorrow morning.

Thank you Joe,

We are an Italian company that provide support for ISP, Web-Agency and Hosting providers. In my account I haven’t many VM PRO license, but for my customers I wanna propose the Virtualmin PRO solutions instead of VmWARE or similar (We are VIP partner of VmWARE).

I will try to re-send to you an e-mail :slight_smile: