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I’m creating a website called “I Love Virtualmin” ( which is all about spreading the word.

The site will feature testimonials in the form of:

“I love Virtualmin because… <your comment here>”

Aside from this, the site will feature information about Virtualmin, How To’s, a directory of add-ons and much more…

I encourage everyone who loves and uses Virtualmin, to contribute their testimonial and help spread the word.

Feel free to bookmark the website (, and check back over the next few weeks while I prepare to launch the website.

*** If you’d like to submit your testimonials prior to the site launch (which I encourage you to do), please send an email to: Please include: name/company, website (optional), and why you love virtualmin. include as much detail as you wish in your testimonial, as this will help others when decided weather to choose Virtualmin as their control panel of choice. ***

-Peter is no longer registered


You’re right, didn’t have time to get the project up and running as intended. While doing some cleaning, I let the domain go, but perhaps I’ll register it again, or a new one in the future for a similar purpose.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

P: 604-782-9342

I love virtualmin as well I run it on everything I manage.

You seem to have the domain up and running anyway, mind if I cut n paste?


Actually it seems someone else picked up the domain and has put it to good use.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

Phone: 604-782-9342
Skype: tpnsupport

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