Illumos (OpenIndiana OmniOS) zones support

**Host operating system:OpenIndiana/OmniOS
**Host OS version:OpenIndiana/OmniOS (SunOS 5.11)
**Guest OS (if applicable):zones
**Guest OS version (if applicable):

Hi to all !!

Anyone know if the Cloudmin Solaris Zones support work on OpenIndiana/OmniOS or is specific to Oracle Solaris ?

Best regards !!

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No idea. I wouldn’t bet on it working great anywhere. It doesn’t get a lot of attention lately. We’ve never had a lot of Solaris Zones users, but we used to have a couple of sponsors for Solaris-related stuff, including Sun, so it used to get a lot more attention.

I’ve personally never used it on anything other than OpenSolaris, and that was probably before the Oracle acquisition (yes, it’s been a long time).

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