If use nginx as reverse proxy to apache with virtualmin how can configure public_html location

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
CP: Virtualmin + Apache + Nginx + PHP-FPM
Method: Reverse Proxy

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to figure this out for days now and I failed big time. I can’t waste any more time I need some expert answers
If I’m using Nginx as a reverse proxy to apache with Virtualmin how can configure Nginx to look for Virtualmin virtual servers Public_html instead of Nginx default www location?

Virtualmin add-website directory to /home/mydomain/public_html/ however, nginx always pointing to default location /var/www

Thanks :slight_smile:

Found the solution… just need to edit the default.conf file.

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Following up with a found solution is always appreciated. If you end up getting Virtualmin and Let’s Encrypt to cooperate with Ngnix as a reverse proxy to Apache, you’d be a real hero if you posted how you did it. I think most Virtualmin users who tried struggled to the point of being talked out of it.

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