I'd like to reinstall using install.sh.

Virtualmin on a remote server and install it using the install.sh.
Had been running normally.

Cause unknown error has occurred.

I’d like to reinstall using install.sh.

No need to backup virtual server.

How to get rid of the existing installed modules do?

If you don’t need any backups, it would be easiest to reinstall the operating system and then a fresh Virtualmin. Otherwise there is a big danger that whatever problem you are seeing now (which you unfortunately did not tell us) persists.

Oh, I will add a description.

failed to create virtual host,
error is
DBI connect failed : Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’

That server is located in the remote IDC center.
So I can not reinstall the operating system.

I’m just trying to reinstall only Virtualmin.

Existing services, what should I do?

Stop all ?

remove all ?

How to remove ?

I have used install.sh script.

Help me


Have you attempted to reset what Virtualmin thinks your MySQL root password is, by going into Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL -> Module Config, and setting “Administration password”?

That would typically resolve that issue.

Also, reinstalling Virtualmin with the install.sh wouldn’t resolve that – but we can certainly toss out some ideas as to how to troubleshoot it.


I agree with Eric that you should check out if Webmin’s MySQL module can access the database okay and fix problems there if there are any. If nothing helps there, it is possible to re-configure mysql (including root account) using your Linux distro’s package manager.