I would like to know how to upgrade MySQL5.1.73 to MySQL 5.6.17+.

Hi everyone.

I am a newbies in Linux.

I use Webmin 1.770 virtualmin 4.18.gpl on CentOS_64bit 6.7.

I would like to install the InoERP program.

InoERP program requires PHP 5.5+ and MySQL 5.6.17+.

I’ve read how to install PHP multi version for PHP5.5.

I would like to know how to upgrade MySQL5.1.73 to MySQL 5.6.17+.

I need any other advice.

Thank you.

Easiest way is to switch to Centos 7.

Thank you.


I’ll try CentOS7 install.

I am trying to launch a hard challenge.


Yes, Virtualmin just uses the software versions that come with the distro you’re using. We also don’t recommend using software from third parties, as that can introduce a lot of complications.

PHP is a bit simpler, as you can install a second PHP version alongside your existing PHP version.

But that’s not so simple with MySQL.

As diabolico mentioned, our recommendation in your case is to use a Linux distribution that provides the software you are interested in.


Thank you

I see.

I started a difficult process.

I hope your virtualmin can support centos7 as soon as possible.

Virtualmin already support Centos 7 and it works great, at least on my test server i didnt encounter any major problem so its safe to go with Centos 7. There are few minor annoyances but this is one sided with Centos 7 and nothing to do with Virtualmin. But there is no OS what would come and work perfectly without at least some minor modifications.

I would stay with Centos as its proven to be secure and stable OS.

Thank you, Diabolico.

If I install the Virtualmin on the CentOS7. Can I upgrade MySQL to MySQL5.6.17+ ?

Is there a way to upgrade the Mysql After installing the Virtualmin?

Centos 7 comes with mariadb 5.5 and not mysql. There is a lot of information on google so just check it up. Is there any reason you need mysql 5.6?

Though the documentation and official site of inoERP mentions MySQL 5.6.17+
I have been running it in MySQL 5.1 with out any issue.
So, go ahead and install it

Centos 7 will have MySQL/MariaDB 5.5 and NOT MySQL 5.6.

I cannot find any supported method to upgrade to 5.6

This is quite serious for us as we are an eCommerce provider who use Virtualmin on Centos 7 servers, and we cant even provide Magneto version 2 as MySQL 5.6 is a requirement. We have now lost business because customers want Magento 2 and we cant provide it. We do not want to use Ubuntu.

I know that general hosting tools does not support MySQL 5.6.
Please see the links below.
Good luck.