I would be nice to have this option added

It would be nice to have the option when creating a new virtual site you are given an option to use the value (Any) for the IP and port under the IP address and forwarding details. So that when I create a new virtual site it creates like:

<VirtualHost :>

Thank you!


as far as I know not setting the IP and Port will lead to more than one problem

Thanks for the reply Ronald. I have always used name-based virtual hosting for all my virtual sites. The only problem I have encountered is, whenever I create a new virtual server it will always use the one IP my web server uses. Since the only choice I have which is close to what I want is Shared on IP my.servers.ip.address.

I would then have to go edit the newly created virtual server to use the below format, both of which works fine but it would be easier if this was an option.

<VirtualHost *:80> or use the format <VirtualHost :>

if you really think it would be wise to remove your IP from the virtualhost, then go to System Settings-Module Config and at Default virtual server IP address switch from "From network interface" to the other field and fill in *
or per haps:
webmin-servers-apache webserver, go to global configuration and then Networking and Addresses

you could play with the options there

you may want to read the part Website at

This is a bad idea in a virtual hosting environment.

I do appreciate you pointing out the potential problems but all of the sites I hosts do not have explicit IPs. The DNS records for each virtual site I host are controlled in either network solutions or godaddy so I don’t need to enable the DNS feature for any virtual host. Also my web server is behind a firewall which port forwards all port 80 connections to my web server. I have used this kind of setup with no problems. Thanks again, this was the solution I was looking for!

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