I went a little crazy with the Theme Extensions panel...I've released my madness on Github if you're interested

OS type and version: Debian 9 Stretch REQUIRED
Webmin version: 1.981 REQUIRED
Authentic Theme version: 19.83-2 REQUIRED

So I spent two sleepless nights tweaking my main server’s Virtualmin UI to within an inch of its life. It’s hardly recognizable anymore. What is maybe a little surprising is I managed to do everything just using custom CSS declarations with a metric ton of !important tags from within the Theme Extensions panel. I’ve included a few screenshots below.

If you’re as manic as I am, and have a penchant for going a little over the top with your aesthetic choices, you can get a copy of the commented and documented custom CSS on Github, along with simple instructions. https://github.com/nativeit-dev/nativemin-theme


Wow that is cool! thanks for sharing.

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Looks great!

I’m sure Ilia will be happy to see someone taking full advantage of all the customization capabilities he built into the theme!


I appreciate it, and you, Jamie, and Ilia all have my sincere thanks! I can’t think of anything that I couldn’t find a way of making my own. I would never have put so much effort into it if I wasn’t a big fan, I use and appreciate Virtualmin every day. Hope you guys are doing well!


Thanks! Looks really authentic! Transparent panels and menus look cool!

I’ve had plans to rework dark palette, just never had a time for it yet.

Also, desirably all CSS needs a full rework. It’s been growing out of control but creating anything neat, accurate and easy to support will take months, considering the scale.


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