I want to upgrade my PHP to 7.4

Operating system CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 1.973
Usermin version 1.823
Virtualmin version 6.16

Hello there,

I am using wordpress and I keep getting a warning that I should upgrade from php 7.2 to php 7.4 and the only 2 options available on my virtual min are php 5 and 7.2 versions. I have read through a similer topic but I could not upgrade my php version.

I’m not too familiar with Centos but I think you can just follow the configuration wizard from the Remi Repository official site: Remi's RPM repository

Or check the Virtualmin docs.
Don’t understand why people don’t even try reading those first…

Here you go.

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The docs DO need a bit of cleanup, but they worked for my needs to update to 7.4 without any major issues on Deb 10.

I am using windows so I do not know how to install “Remi RPM repo”.

That’s a pretty cool resource.

You need to install the repo on your Centos OS server, not your Windows OS computer.

I usually stick to Ubuntu but the configuration wizard (and the Virtualmin Docs) would definitely be my go-to if I ever start using Centos (again).

Thanks, I used Putty and it worked.

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