I want to remove my account

I do not feel welcome on this forum so I would like to delete my account, but there is not button for it configured (or at least I can not find one).

Can someone please help me out, I’d rather not make it a gdpr removal request.
(if someone with the ablility can just delete my account, feel free to do so, you can take this message as a deletion confirmation)


I’m very sorry to hear that! Your very first post helped us improve our software straight away, and I want you to know that you are very welcome here! Some folks can be toxic, you’re right, but it’s not about you at all. Please don’t take it personally.

If you’re really sure you want it, I can do it for you, but I want you to know that I’ll be really reluctant doing it.

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Welcome to the community! Told you this was a grumpy old man forum…

You’ll get over it like I did… Even though it may seem toxic at times, really helpful information prevails in the end, and the job gets done.


I have to prioritize my own health, interactions like in that post is not good for my mental health.
I tried to respond in kindness as much as I could, but there is a limit…

Yes, please remove my account. (my posts don’t have to be deleted if that creates extra problems for you, you can keep those, only delete my login if that is easier for you)
I STILL support you and think this project is amazing!

So if you could, before deleting me (maybe a day after responding so I get the notification), clarify if the paypal link is still viable? The post I found it in is very old.

I also found this one, but that one demands an account it seems, so I would prefer paypal if possible.

I now realize they are to 2 different things, I think.
So if you can provide a link where I can donate, I would really appreciate it. :heart:

Thank you for your support and your kind words!

This is something @Joe should confirm.

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I don’t know how to verify that the old link is right. But, I created a new donate link just now:

Our company name is now Cloudmin LLC as of a year or so ago (a corporation was too danged complicated for me to handle when I have another full-time job and Virtualmin/Cloudmin doesn’t make enough money to hire people to make those problems go away). Regardless of how you send us money, it all goes to the same people, mostly Ilia, these days, as he’s the closest thing to full-time on Virtualmin, and for the same purpose: keeping development going and as much of it as possible open and free. For a while we tried rolling all new features into GPL and Pro at the same time, but that proved extremely challenging from an economic perspective, so now we’re back to most new features going into Pro first and then coming into GPL over time. Of course, bug fixes and security updates always go to both at the same time.


Why not just stop posting? Then you can easily change your mind if you have more things to suggest?
Best of luck. :slight_smile: