I need a virtualmin experienced USER To answer this!!!!!!!!!!!

Do i need to create the master zone manually inside the webmin panel OR

Just hit straight to to virtualmin after the install script is done.

eg, http:123447/:10000

virtualmin -> create virtual server the start creating right?.

Check this out.

  1. virtualmin will create everything except ns1,ns2 or the ns records in short. This make resolving an issue.

Please advice.

Also when i create for instance virtualmin–>create virtual server straight on… Then apache refuses permission to display the page from external ip and ip’s on the same network but display only on the host system.


I just figure this out. With the apache permission, setting up my domain records in webmin works fine. But this does work, what will be the fate of the virtual servers?
Apache access error log does not give much.

[Wed Jul 14 23:40:30 2010] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/noblis-system/public_html/
[Wed Jul 14 23:40:30 2010] [error] [client] Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/noblis-system/public_html/

I am new to webmin as you can tell.
Can you point me to right direction plz.


  1. That set all your first domains only with virtualmin./ webmin period.
  2. advice about where to look about the apache error on permission.
    This is not a file permission issue. cos i have verified -R all var / home dir’s.
    Os is Ubuntu 10.04.
    i can see that the problem exists on rhel/centos and fedora platforms and they got a fix.
    apparently Ubuntu line seems different. thats the

etc/ apaches ->cond.d ->localized-error-pages.

Please advice.


It sounds like what you’re missing is an index file in your public_html directory.

That is, you may need to upload your HTML code into your DocumentRoot.

As a quick test, if you place a file named index.html into your publiic_html dir, and put something like “Hello World” into it, you should then be able to browse to your website, and see “Hello World” in your browser.


Thanks Buddy.

Public_html contain some files like


and stat directory.

2.btw. www.foo.com take me to the site. no problem.
3. But http://foo.com take me to “it works” Mr. apache’s page. any ideas?

Are they safe to reside with the webcontents.?
Say if someone move them or delete them? what will the the out come.?

We are about to move 470 clients to webmin gradually and i need to know the ins and outs of it.
Was given the task today so plz understand me if i dont really get the webmin/virtualmin spirit.

But will do .

Do you have information about the ns records settings or they are not needed?.

Is there a way to have a custom template to be written to public_html dir when ever a server is created. Like a default welcome page ?
I am ok with python, c++, php and perl. Just point me to the right direction.

Please advice.

Thanks again mate.

1 that should not be there, but in /home/*/etc/fcgi-bin/
2 this may be propagation of the domain
3 put default files under /etc/skel, create a structure that you want to have in newly created servers. it will copy the contents to the created server.

you want to use virtualmin for the webhosting. webmin is tylically used for sys. admin
create server templates where you also set the nameservers.

but mostly, read a lot of the documentation to get yourself up to speed with virtualmin and try a lot on a dev. server first.

I just figured out that virtualmin is using my pc name for the NS.

and that should not be.

any ideas please?
All hands plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thankz .

Hello Ronald,

Thanks for your swiftness.

I just need some basic answers like .

  1. There is no need to set anything up in webmin ie. { any domains and records etc.}
  2. Once the virtualmin script is installed. You start creating your virtual servers.
  3. That ns records are catered for by virtualmin itself.

Ronald can you please confirm with these points?

Can you please advice me with any materials or if you have anything for me to read. I know you got your own worries but we are open source. Right? .

Thankz again Rony.

I just figured out that virtualmin is using my pc name for the NS.

For new Domains, you can change what is used for the NS record by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain, and you can configure things from there.

It sounds like you’ll want to set “Master DNS server hostname”, as well as possibly “Additional manually configured nameservers”.

That only changes the defaults for new domains… for existing domains, you’ll need to edit the DNS records and change it. You can do that by going into Services -> DNS Domain -> Name Server, and changing the NS record that’s in use.


Thanks Buddy.

Shall we say another way is to change the pc host name to what i want and virtualmin will copy that yes?

I dont mind getting my hands dirty with things but just want to know more from experts first.


  1. i just created a virtual server and cant show up when the address begins with www.
    any ideas?
  2. Also admin.foo.com, webmail.foo.com does not show in the browser?

only http://foo.com shows.

any ideas?

Does’nt this got something to do with proper DNS resolve?

You see, in webmin you can just do all that and it super works!
i mean grrrrrrrrrrreat and no issues.

going to ->system settings ->Bind Dns template stuff.
i have aready been there.

Have you noted also that after creating a virtual server checkup the
services->DNS Domain-> Name Alias and its empty.

But has been declared in Address. fully .

Maybe virtualmin got different way of operations to webmin and other cp i know.

Please advice.
Thankz in advance.

The problems you’re describing do sound like DNS issues… what name server is setup at your domain name’s registrar? Do the nameservers setup for your domain at your registrar point to your Virtualmin server?

It almost sounds like the nameservers you have setup aren’t pointing at your Virtualmin server… which is fine, though it means you’d need to manually setup the DNS entries at whatever nameserver is setup.


Hostname of the server. What is meant for virtualmin is actually the FQDN which consists of 3 parts (actually 4 parts as the ‘dot’ is root).
If you type in a shell: hostname you will see the first part like ns1
type: hostname -f you will see the FQDN like ns1.domain.tld

Changing the hostname on the server over a shell? Type: hostname ns1.domain.tld replace with your values
or in webmin you need to set your proper values.

Webmin – Networking – Network Configuration - Hostname and DNS Client

Set your ns entry here:
Webmin – Networking – Network Configuration - Host Addresses – Add a new host address.
Add your external IP and under Hostnames add “ns1.domain.tld ns1” without the quotes then hit create.

Now virtualmin will take the nameserver you just added.
What I find important to do also first is to go to the BIND module under webmin - Servers - BIND DNS Server
Go into Module Config and also into the options of the Global Server Options

Other settings to your liking should be done in virtualmin, like server templates
Typically you want to go over these:
Virtualmin - System Settings - Features and Plugins
Virtualmin - System Settings - Server Templates
Virtualmin - System Settings - Account Plans
Virtualmin - System Settings - Module Config

Thankz a lot Rony.

All what i needed was what you just provided. Thats all good for now.

Do you know for some reason virtualmin didn’t included the FQDN during the installation.

I mean virtualmin took that when installing but was no where to reflect in virtualmin CP.
isn’t that strange.?

Check this out

Changing the CP name was the kill. Virtualmin takes the CP name on the fly so it went cool.

I advice that with any future virtualmin installations. That the PC name possibly should be also the your FQDN that you have already registered.
In that case you wouldn’t need to define new templates .

[THE KILL] That make all other Virtual domains that used your name servers resolve without any problem automatically [/THE KILL]

I awaits your views experts.

Hi Eric,

The problem with my DNS is fine.
The problem is how to set them up with virtualmin.
Webmin is very straight forward to set this up.

My NS point to my PC.(server). And the IP works also as usual.

http//:foo.com: works.
but http://www.foo.com: does not.
admin.foo.com: does not.
webmail.foo.com: does not

also https://foo.com:10000 does not work.

Do i have to set the default details first in webmin.? and will virtualmin use that NS details for other virtual sub servers?


Thanks Eric.

For item 1 that item is there. I honestly have no idea why since the apache conf doesn’t reference the one in the public_html folder but rather the copy you referred to in fcgi-bin.

when you install virtualmin, it takes what is there already, e.g the hostname you set when you install the OS.
If at initial installation of your OS, you set the computer name to john-desktop then virtualmin will take that.

Whenever you are going to install a server, you should know how to call your server, which domain name you will use and what nameservers.
Virtualmin can not guess each users preferences obviously, so you need to tell it what it is,

cool that it is working now.


i just cant get around why virtualmin files are every where.

I think they need a review.