I just wanted to say - finally working local sites! - Well, almost

This could easily become a lengthy post about my attempts and tribulations on the path to get some kind of development environment and sites running locally in my SOHO. Some solutions just were too complex, others I never got to work. I have tried Windows LAMP, Docker on Fedora, Ubuntu LAMP, and many odd combinations of those over the years. I always stumbled over something I did not get, a hurdle I was unable to get over … cursing over Linux and Windows for, sometimes, the very same reason, most often for different reasons.

With Virtualmin I feel I am on track… sure there are questions but no current big issues and things are slowly taking shape. I admit I was frustrated a while with Webmin and asking for support on the SF pages, getting none, but Virtualmin seems to have all those shortcuts and interface options I stumbled over previously in regards to creating sites, databass for them and actually UNDERSTAND the text I have in front of me and what settings I need to define.

I am not done. There will be more questions. But I am definitely over some hurdles, progressing and understanding what I am doing.


…will be getting a pro license… I will not use the sites or the reseller stuff, only local soho so I don’t think anything will be exposed…

Are 10 domains 10 internet facing sites or 10 servers?

Would it be possible to get a clarification om my question about licensing above?

It’s all server-based. “10 Domains” Pro is up to 10 domains hosted on one server.

yeh but there will be no internet facing domains… so I wonder if I was unclear or should add a better explanation… do internal local sites/servers count as domain only beacuse the system demands a qualified domain name that I just make up with no basis in reality…?

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