I have a sales question

I have a server in Panama that has just been set up with ubuntu 8.10 and webmin.

If I have the server re-installed with Centos5 and I pay for Virtualmin pro, and installation, what assistance can i expect to get dns set up properly using easydns, email running rdns, domain keys, and spf.

I appreciate what i ask is outside of the scope of purchasing Virtualmin, so I expect to pay for service.

Now many days/weeks does it take to get virtualmin installed after I complete the order?


P.S. I almost have Ubuntu 8.10 running. There are some things I don’t understand and I can’t seem to get anyone to take my cash for service at Canonical. So I am done with Ubuntu, hence the re-install.


Virtualmin can help with some of those things, but not all of them :slight_smile:

If you are interested in installation service, that’s just $49. With that, we’ll help you get Virtualmin up and running on a newly installed system. CentOS 5 is one of the grade A supported distributions, so that’s great (Ubuntu 8.10, OTOH, isn’t well supported yet, so perhaps it’s good that it didn’t work out).

Which EasyDNS service were you planning to use (we may or may not be able to help out there)?

Virtualmin supports SPF, so there won’t be any trouble there, it’s just a matter of enabling it.

And when you say “rdns” above, what are you referring to exactly? I’d normally assume reverse DNS, but the reverse DNS part is something you’d need to get your ISP to do for you. So that makes me think my assumption may not be correct :slight_smile:

That’s roughly the limit of where Virtualmin can help – we’ll get the base system running and make sure it works as advertised. We’ll make sure SPF is enabled for you, and depending on what you’re doing with easydns, we might be able to help there.

If you’re interested in setup beyond the installation service, there’s some experienced folks who’d be thrilled to help in the “Jobs” forum.

So setting up something like Domain Keys / DKIM would be perfect for them, along with any other odds and ends you may be interested in.

As for what timeframe to expect?

I think saying "a few days" is safe :slight_smile: Sometimes it can be done within hours of you requesting it, other times it can be a couple of days or so.

We’ll try to be more prompt than we were in responding to your post here though :slight_smile:


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the response.

Where i said rDNS, I meant Domain Keys. As you pointed out, rDNS is a job for the DNS provider.

My business partner thinks we should make the switch to Cent OS. We have another server with Cent OS4 and C-Panel.

We have submitted a request with our hosting service to install CentOS5. Hopefully they can do that sooner than later.


Okay, sounds good!

To get help with Domain Keys and such, you can just make a post in the Jobs forum when you’re ready, and there’s several folks who will be able to help you out with that.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.


Eric, one more question.

What mail server should we install?

Which is easiest to set up as far as Domain Keys, SSL, and all the other things that the ISP’s expect for “proof of email domain source” these days?

I remember exim was a pain a year ago.



The Virtualmin installation script actually takes care of a lot of that for you these days.

It will handle getting the proper version of Apache (from the Virtualmin repository) and friends, as well as it’s preferred mail program – which happens to be Postfix.

So, you’re welcome to have them install Postfix, but the Virtualmin installation (whether you do it yourself or we do it for you) would actually have done that anyways :slight_smile:

Getting Domain Keys or DKIM working with Postfix is pretty straight forward.

SSL/TLS authentication on ports 465 and 587 is simple to get working – while it doesn’t immediately work out of the box, it just requires enabling a couple of options in Virtualmin.

I don’t recall whether SPF is enabled by default or not, but if not, that’s also just an option you have to enable in the Virtualmin UI.

All of those will work great with Postfix.