I get to save index.php as PHTML file


I am new to Webmin and Virtualmin, so sorry if I provide insufficient data.

My problem consists in the fact that I cannot access my server as usually at mintarticles.com . Normally, the index.php file should be executed and some adequate output be returned. However, what I get is a Save As download box showing up in Firefox, returning my index.php as an PHTML file.

Please let me know how to make php files executable in Webmin/Virtualmib.

My system is Ubuntu 10.04, PHP 5.3.2, apache2



PHP code definitely be executable by default… so it looks like something may be awry :slight_smile:

One thing I might suggest is taking a look in ~/logs/error_log, and see if any errors are showing up in there.

Also, in Server Configuration -> Website Options, what is the PHP execution mode set to for this particular domain?


Thanks for the quick response. I am not sure what the error was, but I wiped all the LAMP configuration, and resinstalled LAMP again. Now it seems to be working.

However, I have encountered another problem. I have previously deleted a virtual host, and now when I want to add it again I receive error: Failed to create virtual server : A unix user named mintarticles.com already exists

How cant I delete the virtual host completely so I can add it again later?


How did you “previously delete” the virtual server? Through the Vmin function under “Disable and delete”? If so, it seems that the delete process was incomplete. Did you receive any error messages back then?

Before suggesting to simply manually delete the unix user (and possibly running into further problems), it’d be good to find out why it still exists.