i can't install Virtualmin on ubuntu 13.....

How can i install Virtualmin on ubuntu 13 ???


You can see the list of supported OS’s and versions here:


Virtualmin only supports the Ubuntu LTS releases… the most recent LTS release is 12.04.


is there any way to force the installation?

If you need a distro more up to date than 12.04, you might want to wait until support for Debain 7 is released.

I’m hoping it is not too long as I’d like to transition our servers over to it for stable php 5.4 support.

How long will it take??


You can’t force an automatic installation of Ubuntu 13.04, as there is no repository setup for it… so there’s no where to pull the packages from (amongst other issues).

However, you can indeed perform a setup on Ubuntu 13.04 if you’re motivated, by using the manual installation. We don’t recommend that, as it takes a lot more time and effort, but it can be done. There’s instructions for that here:


Regarding Debian 7 support – that will be coming soon!