I can't configure my email :(

I’m in trouble for a weeks… heheh
I buy a VPS without Plesk, CPANEL and others, because I prefer free and open source software.
I install Virtualmin-Webmin, of course!

The only problem I have now is that I can’t resolve the mail configuration. For the moment I have 2 domains ( jordijuan .com and diania .tv ) but I can’t configure my email on Thunderbird. Yes! I can accesS with Usermin.

But I see something strange. For the mail “jordi@diania .tv” I get this on Usermin: “jordi.webmaster@ns1.jordijuan.com” … Wath is that ?? How i get only “jordi@diania .tv” instead of this?

I have this configuration on DNS:

This is my DNS configuration:

And this my Postfix config.
Thanks a lot!! Sorry, but I can’t upload more than 1 image for post…

Good decision!

From the screenshot (and the observation you made later about ‘something strange’) it can be assumed that you have not configured the mail systems correctly, even though you may be able to access Usermin.

You should not see jordi.webmaster@ns1.jordijuan.com. You should see jordi.webmaster@jordijuan.com

So the first thing you should do is check what you have configured your hostname to be and, if necessary, change it. See https://www.hostwinds.com/guide/change-hostname-virtualmin/

Could you also create a new virtual server in Virtualmin and Edit Users >> Add a user to this server, then use Usermin to send an email and tell us what you see in the From address?

Thanks a lot!!
On Network configuration I have this:

My server is ns1.jordijuan.com and ns2.jordijuan.com (I put this on my domains, jordijuan.com and diania.tv)

And I have this emails:

webmaster@diania.tv and jordi@diania.tv

The previous screenshot is from the jordi@diania.tv!! And I don’t know how the systems shows : jordi.webmaster@ns1.jordijuan.com

And I Have this on the existing Virtual Server on diania.tv domain.

Your hostname should be jordijuan.com and your name servers should be ns1.jordijuan.com and ns2.jordijuan.com

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On DNS Servers change and and put ns1.jordijuan.com and ns2.jordijuan.com? And remove ???
Thanks a lot!!

Not necessarily. If you have BIND installed, you should use it to take advantage of a service running on localhost rather than a slower to access service which is running on a remote server.

I usually go with the default settings which Virtualmin offers for these things.

We appear to be deviating from the issue stated in the topic of this thread. Start a new topic if you wish to discuss DNS.

I think that on Virtualmin installation something went wrong.

Now I have this on Usermin:

I got emails sends to “jordi@diania.tv” but when I try to send an email, the user is “jordi.webmaster@jordijuan.com”.

You think that is a DNS problem with BIND? I have Bind installed and Virtualmin creates a DNS zone for diania.tv and a DNS zone for jordijuan.com. If you prefer, I started a topic like "DNS and Email problems on Virtualmin " ?

From what I have understood of our interaction thus far, I will tell you what I would have done on a fresh install of Virtualmin to get the result you want:

  1. Configure jordijuan.com, www.jordijuan.com vps.jordijuan.com ns1.jordijuan.com, ns2.jordijuan.com, mail.jordijuan.com, diania.tv, www.diana.tv and mail.diana.tv to point to the IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) of the VPS
  2. Install Virtualmin on VPS
  3. Set hostname to vps.jordijuan.com and set name servers to ns1.jordijuan.com and ns2.jordijuan.com

After installation is complete, reboot server, visit vps.jordijuan.com:10000, login as root and run Virtualmin >> System Settings >> Re-Check Configuration. Let’s assume everything is okay at this point. Then:

  1. Create a virtual server vps.jordijuan.com, in Enabled Features, disable Mail for domain checkbox. After virtual server is created, apply for Lets Encrypt certificates, apply these to Webmin, Virtualmin, Postfix and Dovecot
  2. Create a virtual server jordijuan.com
    5a) Edit users, create a user (or a few)
  3. Create a virtual server diania.tv
    6a) Edit users, create a user (or a few)

Do a quick check, if you wish, to see if www.jordijuan.com and www.diana.tv are showing a 404 or similar error, as we would expect at this point. Regardless, let us proceed with getting mail working.

Now setup your email client with incoming / outgoing server set to vps.jordijuan.com and username + password as you have specified in 5a and 6a. To test if email is working, send and receive a few messages. These will likely be flagged as spam, but they will leave your server and be delivered to the destination mailbox. So far so good.

To avoid getting email from your server flagged as spam, you will have to enable DKIM in Virtualmin and apply the keys to the DNS records of jordijuan.com and diana.tv if you are using a third party DNS service for these domains. Finally you will have to set up RDNS for the IP address of the VPS to be vps.jordijuan.com. Your email should now land in the inbox rather than get flagged as spam.

Hope this is all clear. If you run into trouble at any point, let us know at which step and we can try and help you with that.

Ufff I’m totally lost… :frowning:
The first part was configured by my hosting provider (I hope…) .
Later, I install Virtualmin with script and I got an error.
Later, I install some packages with the root terminal via ssh.
I log in with : https://ns1.jordijuan.com:10000/
I check configuration a lot of times and Install and configure some packages until the system says that everything was correct.
I don’t have a vps.jordijuan.com . Probably this is the big error?
I have two virtual servers: jordijuan.com and diania.tv and the web pages works fine.

I can request payment support ? If you help me, I can give you access and pay for your help :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I can install Virtualmin on your VPS and charge you for my services. I have just sent you a private message about this.

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