I Canceled My Last cPanel License Yesterday

And that’s basically what I have to say. Yesterday morning I upgraded the OS on my last-remaining cPanel server, replaced cPanel with Virtualmin, and migrated the backup into it. That was the end of a roughly 25-year relationship with cPanel.

The migration was a bit of a bother because of a problem with Postfix that @dimitrist and @Dibs helped me fix, my own Postfix skills falling far short of guru level. That was also the first problem I ever had with Postfix that I didn’t cause myself by changing shit without researching it first.

Procmail makes a splendid substitute for cPanel’s mail filtering. In this case I’m using it to forward mail to SMS / MMS when it comes from a particular sender domain, and then sending it to the original addressee, which is important to the client. In case you ever have such a need:

* ^From: .*example.tld*
  | formail -i "From: someaddress@yourdomain.tld"

  ! 1234567890@carrier.tld

works like a charm. I polled the field techs, and they’re all getting their assignments.

I also use Procmail to alert myself of high-importance firewall messages, failed backups, and other mail that I want to look at right away. I’ve grown to love Procmail. It’s so flexible that they should rename it Gumby.

So that’s that. I’ve now beaten the CentOS 7 EOL deadline on all of my servers, I’m saving money, the clients are happy, and I’m happy.

I also took the opportunity to talk up Virtualmin again on Web Hosting Talk, where a thread arises every year when cPanel announces their annual price increase.



Yep those prices rises, only reason I still have whm/cpanel is I get whmcs with it.