I am unable to get IMAP and SMTP to work


I’ve successfully installed virtualmin on my server , also the mail is working so perfect xxx.com/mail etc
but i’ve tried to connect my email on my phone using SMTP or iMAP protocol both not working , I’ve disabled firewall also same issue , the error unable to establish connection with server , i am using cloudflare so i’ve disabled proxy on mail.xxx.com but still same issue !

any idea how to activate IMAP on my server ? so i can use my email on my phone !

thank you <3

Wow, you need not have done that.

Virtualmin configures the firewall to allow web, mail and other essential traffic to pass by default.

It is often the firewall offered by the vps hosting service which needs to be configured, do you see an option for firewall in the control panel of the vps hosting service?

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I’ve VPS from mvps.net i dont think they have firewall layer blocking my imap ports , but i will open support ticket and ask them if its there.

this is the vps company reply :

IMAP is working by default, and the SMTP ports are open because you've set the firewall. We don't block these ports, you need to check the server firewall configuration.

Maybe its just your phone settings.

IMAP server port 993
Use SSL for IMAP? Yes
IMAP password encryption type Plaintext

i believe you are right , it is my phone settings , i am trying on iphone Google mail app and apple mail app from settings both not working , but when i tried to setup my email into my Mac its work , why on phones its not!

Make sure your phone is using correct port, accepts certificate and IMAP versus POP3.

i did :frowning: same issue , i’ve tried all the ports , its working fine in all platforms but iPhone

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