I am facing a strange problem with email

OS type and version REQUIRED
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using thunderbird mail app it fails to detect the smtp and the imap address and it is telling failed to found servers as i remember

what is wrong with postfix and dovecot


Nothing likely.

When you say it’s not detecting, are you referring to the email wizard where it attempts to detect the hostname, ports and authentication used by the server?

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i had fixed already this issue but it tells when i press to send an email that cannot connect to mail smtp server

Please share with us how you fixed the issue.

It is good to know that you were able to fix the issue on your own and if you share with the community how exactly you were able to do it, your message here might help others who use thunderbird mail app and it fails to detect the smtp and the imap address with error message failed to find servers.

Please tell us how you fixed the issue.

yes, email settings, and choose mail client configuration and set
Enable mail client autoconfiguration to yes

thank you