Huge problem with clamav/clamd - Very high IO/CPU usage


My server use ubuntu 14.04.5 64 bits with latest Virtualmin installed (v.5.06) and webmin version 1.831

My server has very high IO usage (read+write about 50MB/s) consistently. Then i found out that was because clamav was running in the server. That is weaid because i have another server that doesn’t have this problem.

I turned off virus and spam features in the “Features and Plugins” pages, then restarted the VPS, after awhile clamav automatically starts up and continue to use huge IO.

I killed the clamav process, the problem was temporarily stopped, but after a while (perhaps after hours, or 1-2 days), clamav automatically starts again. I checked in the “Features and Plugins” pages and saw antivirus and spam features have already been turned off, but for some unknown reason it keep automatically starting up again.

Does any one have the same problem?


Edit: After checking again, the clamav automatically start after VPS reboot only, there isn’t any evidence that it automatically starts up while vps is running. Still i would like to know how to prevent clamav from starting when VPS boots up. Thanks!

How much RAM free do you have in your system and how many emails are you processing?

ClamAV and the antispam are very memory intensive, in particular on high intensive email systems and when you don’t have enough memory they will start to swap to the drives, hence high I/O