HTTPS works on port 10000 only


I have a site that I have a cert installed from GoDaddy.
When I go to the site through regular http, it works.
When I go to the site through https, it doesn’t find the site like it doesn’t exist. It times out.
When I go to the site through https but put port 10000, it brings me to virtualmin and shows that it is a verified secure site.

Any ideas for me on how to make https work on the site and not just virtualmin?

Thanks so much!


It sounds like you aren’t able to connect to Apache on port 443, the SSL port.

If you’ve enabled SSL on that particular domain (in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features), and then added your SSL cert in Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates – Apache should be listening for SSL connections.

You may need to verify that though, by running “netstat -an | grep :443”.


It’s possible that a local packet filter (usually iptables) or an external firewall is blocking port 443 which is the default for HTTPS. You might want to check that first.

Edit: What Eric said (while I was typing my part :slight_smile: ) is also possible… Though in that case the connection attempt should/would not “time out”, but return an error immediately. That’s because a connection attempt that is allowed through firewalls etc., but that tries to contact a port on which no service is listening, is usually instantly “rejected” by the network layer instead of silently discarded.

You were exactly right. The firewall that the server is behind didn’t have port 443 open!

Wow, that was really frustrating, but it is finally resolved thanks to you guys.

I really appreciate it!