HTTPS - SSL - Way of master ;o)

Is there any way to setup https secured site when I have only one IP addres from my provider? This is mainly question for gurus ;o)) Joe and Jamie. I am poor Czech habitant taking drugs and stuff (like php, apache and so on) and I don’t have money to buy additional IP addresses - I have just one public. So my question is:

Is there way to bridge nonpublic (10.x.x.x) to my public interface where DNS record resides for some domain (for example so the packet reaches outside interface and due to SSL RFCs it it redirected to its own IP address?

Or do I have to stop taking drugs and buy more IPs? I don’t want to waste one IP to one SSL secured website - it is waste of money and IP space if I am right.

Thanks a lot for your ideas ;o)

I think there is no way to do this. But don’t rely on me…

You asked if there is a way to setup an SSL site when you only have one IP address – the answer to that is "certainly". You can have Apache listening on both the standard port as well as the SSL port for that single IP address.

As Eric mentioned, you can have one SSL site on a single IP, and that same IP can have as many shared non-SSL sites as you like.

So there is no way for poor Czech habitants to have “ONLY ONE IP AND MANY SSL SITES” if I understand it right. OK thanks for reply. I’ll must work harder and buy more IPs and lower IP space ;o)

You can run other SSL sites on the same IP but different ports. For some folks this is a problem, but possibly not in your case. Depends on whether you’ve got customers you need to impress with nice clean URLs.