http2 supported apache build - anytime soon?

Currently I am on CentOS 7.4; Apache 2.4.6
As http2 is only supported on Apache 2.4.18+, are we going to have that build anytime soon?

Would very much like to boost my site via modern technology…cause, WHY NOT?

SCL has httpd 2.4.25 packages, which would include http2 support, but they’d need to be rebuilt with suexec_docroot set to /home. And, since SCL packages install into different locations than usual, there’d need to be some changes in the Virtualmin/Webmin config to recognize the new binary and config file locations. It’s not something I can tackle in the near future, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

nginx on recent versions of our supported distros, including CentOS 7, have support for http2, so there’s currently an option for using http2 in Virtualmin systems. There are definitely some limitations to using nginx (both in terms of general web server features, and in terms of how much support Virtualmin has for nginx compared to Apache, just because Apache has been supported so much longer and has so many more users), but it’s stable and if it does everything you need, it’s a good choice. It’s generally a little faster and a little more memory-efficient, as well. Just have to weigh the trade-offs. http2 support appeared in version 1.9.5 of nginx, and CentOS 7 has 1.10.1. I haven’t done any testing of http2, yet, though.

I have found that provides latest apache build with same config file/binary location as centOS base distribution provides.
I was wondering if I can use that.
If I keep backup of my /etc/httpd and then remove current apache and install latest on from codeit repo…and then copy virtual server configs and other configs into /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf … Will it work?

I don’t want to move to nginx for some issue, as some of my team member only familiar with .htaccess, and they don’t have root access other than me.
I am using event mpm, and tweaked few thing to satisfy my need of performance and weight.
But man, I really need that http2 push support.

You’ll need to rebuild the package with suexec docroot set to /home in order to be a drop-in replacement in a Virtualmin system. I also bump the Epoch on the package to prevent the standard packages from overwriting the Virtualmin one when updates come along.

Is there any update on this, for using http2 with CentOS and Apache?


Other than the suexec suggestions mentioned above you might want to wait for Centos 8 which I believe includes an http2-compatible version of Apache.

And I was unable to find a definite date of release for RHEL8, apparently, there is a beta out, but that still doesn’t give a clue as to when a release will happen.

rebuild the package with suexec docroot set to /home” so, how? Does it mean that not enough to update the httpd packages ? What does it, exactly?
Does it change directory installation instead of just upgrading? Please, explain in details…thanks

I mean…maybe is an issue when you create new virtualhosts, but isn’t an issue if you manually update the Apache conf files, isnt’t it ? Am I right? thanks

I hope yes. Because if no, there are so many variants of the further development… And not all of them are too good.