Http to https redirect through GUI with Nginx; no Apache

I know how to do this by manually editing the server block. However, I was wondering if there is a way for an end user to do this through the GUI. With Apache I used the configure website where I did a redirect from / to https://domain.tld and all was good. Don’t see that with Nginx as the webserver. I thought maybe Server Configuration -> Website Redirects but that does nothing; when I click on create it just takes me back to the beginning with No Redirects Defined. Is the only way to do a http to https redirect is to edit the server block manually?


A new Virtualmin version will have an UI option to set redirect right from Website Options page.

Meanwhile, you can do it using console:

virtualmin create-redirect --domain --path '^/(?!.well-known)' --regexp --redirect\$1 --http

Please tell us if it works for you.