Http: redirects to head domain


CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Virtualmin version: 6.17

Hi, i have a server with 12 domains, i discover that some time now at every new domain that i create the domain lets say if i request it, it redirects to my main (head) domain

Any help with this one?

Please make sure that for both and Apache and Apache SSL website features are enabled on - Edit Virtual Server page.

Hi Ilia, both features are enabled.

Then have a closer look to <VirtualHost></VirtualHost> directive for the given domain and if it has IP set explicitly or *.

Address format for Apache virtual hosts can be defined on System Settings ⇾ Virtualmin Virtual Servers ⇾ Configuration: Defaults for new domains page.

The fix could be as simple as selecting Always use IP (or Always use * depending on network configuration) and then toggling Apache and Apache SSL website feature on - Edit Virtual Server page.

Hi Ilia,
No, it didnt work.
I check with both (IP and *) delete the account and restore it from backup, but no luck
Still redirects to the main domain.

Do you perhaps use IPv6 to connect to a domain, while don’t have IPv6 for domain configured?

Except dns records is there another menu to see it?

Hi Ilia, i found that i dont have ipv6 for these domains, but when i try to add/ edit, or anything ther is no ipv6.

  1. webmin → networking → network configuration → active now
    has no ipv6 ( it has at activated at boot, but it doesnt activate with boot).
  2. virtualmin → system settings → server templates → default settings → virtual IP address
    there is no ipv6
  3. virtualmin → system settings → addresses and networking → shared IP addresses
    there is no ipv6 ither

So i cant edit anything

alsow at virtual server summary i can see the ipv6 at the domains i have no problem
and the new domains havent ipv6 address at all.

What can i do?

I remember i did the ipv6 this manual in a config file both don’t know which . While wasn’t working out of the box. ( thinks depend on how hoster gives these IPv6 and you are using it)
( it has at activated at boot, but it doesnt activate with boot)

CentOS 8x then Alma 8X contabo testbox

Please check if your system at all has any IPv6 addresses assigned by running ip a command.

The point is to make sure that if your DNS records have IPv6 set (including glue records on registar side) then domain configuration in Virtualmin under - Server Configuration ⇾ Change IP Address page should also have it.

Also, IPv6 addresses in question must match correspondent records in DNS.

These are globally default configurable options, and they are not affecting existing domains but only those created anew.

Hi Ilia,
No there is no IPv6 there ( i have an another server and i can compare em). How can i set it?

Do you mean how could you add IPv6? The same way you would add IPv4, preferably in static configuration.

There is no real need in adding IPv6 though.

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