HTTP error - Help me pls.

hi, I moved my website. I installed my new virtula. but now when I try to upload pictures “HTTP error” I get an error. There was no such problem with my front server. Would you please help what should I do.
Refer to " chown -R myname:myname * " I the command still did not work.


Hmm, that error doesn’t really explain why it’s not working… do you see any additional details in the Apache error logs for that domain, located in $HOME/logs/error_log?


hi, php-fpm error there was “user and group” was organized. thanks

Marco, If I understand correctly, you setup a new dedicated server with virtualmin. You moved your site from your old server to your new server. I presume this site is a kind of CMS system. Now you are trying to upload a picture with this CMS system, that is your website, onto your website.
When you are uploading the picture, the error appears.

If this is the case, it seems like there might be some rights issues for the website, or something is missing.

First thing that comes to my mind when things like this happen to me is to check the documentation of the cms system you are using (especially regarding to the rights) and see if you still have your .htaccess. Those can sometimes have been left behind.

Is it possible to post some of the error log lines regarding the error you see? Just copy-paste them here. If there are any ip addresses, you can mask them with xx.xx.xx.xx. But it really helps to see the real lines.