HP Microserver Gen 8 Clean Ubuntu 22.04 no Drive Temps on the dashboard

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.0.21

I have just stood up a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 server on a HP Microserver Gen 8 very minimal install.

Installed webmin from your setup script just fine DNS was working to update apt and install all packages. Network was working fine at this point.

Following install no DNS resolution. So something broke. I will do some more googling I am sure I have fixed this before.

The drive temps is weird. Smart in webmin shows the temps for each drive in the smart report.

Any help is appreciated.


This isn’t a Virtualmin or Webmin question.

That data comes from sensors. You may be able to run sensors-detect to find additional kernel modules to load to gather more data.

Hi Joe,

Yes, we already did that as part of the base install of the OS. We tried turning off enable for disks in the theme config and then turning it on again. But that didn’t work.

Can’t get any more sensor info from lm-sensors. The temp is reported in SMART but that is all we can find.


I wouldn’t expect it to. If Webmin isn’t collecting the data, the theme won’t show it.

But, it does look like drive temps do come from SMART, but I guess yours are reporting temperature in some way that isn’t understood by Webmin (most SMART values are not standardized and are specific to the drive).

The code for that is here:

Probably quickest to open an issue on github including the smartctl output for these drives that show the temperature. If the data is there, but not in an already recognized format, Webmin would need a minor code change.

Thanks Joe,

I will get a dump of the drives smartctl -a or -x and create an issue. The definately show temps in the webmin SMART data.


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