Howto - Small Website on VPS using webmin/virtualmin


I’ve blogged my crib-sheet for how I set up a small website host on a VPS using webmin/virtualmin. This howto goes through the steps from a bare Ubuntu VPS to installed webmin/virtualmin. The level is pitched at linux novice (me although I know an expert :-)).

I’ve just moved from shared hosting to a VPS. I host 3 sites running drupal. They are all my sites so I don’t need layers of permission nor some features but webmin/virtualmin I liked the best of all the packages I looked at. Consequently I’ve turned off some features, clamav, bind, ftp, to save ram. I’m running on digital ocean’s $5 pm package which gives me 1 core and 512MB. System info never shows more than about 250MB of ram used with a bit of swap. And speed wise I’m seeing a big improvement of shared hosting.

Here is the blog page

That looks great! It does a good job covering what a small VPS like that can easily handle, and how to shrink a Virtualmin system down to the right size.

Thanks :-).

I’m pretty pleased with the set up now. I can faster performance for less money than shared hosting. And you can configure it more, have more features, etc. Win, win.

currently have my VPS set up to take a username and password each time I SSH into it from Putty. However, I want to make it a bit more secure and use keys for SSH logins. Before I set that up, I’m wondering if switching to keys for SSH will cause any problems with accessing Webmin/Virtualmin from my browser? I use a username/password combo to access it at the moment. Does switching to key-based access for SSH change how I use the username/password login method for Webmin/Virtualmin?



Nope! Using a key-based login for SSH won’t effect your ability to login via Virtualmin.


Whereas another login option like certificate would be nice, eliminating the need for a password AND also securing webmin a bit more against brutal force password breakers…