Howto remove Alias /manual/

Hello every body…

I have two VPS with Virtualmin 3.92.gpl over Ubuntu 11.10 and in both is happening the same: On all my virtual servers the manual of Apache 2.2 is shown on the next url:

Googling, I found that it should be because an Alias on my *.conf apache files but I have search for it on all of them and can’t find it.

Would some one please help me with some advice? What I have looking for is:

Alias /manual/ /usr/share/doc/apache2-doc/manual

Any help would be appreciated


Agustin Diaz.


So just to clarify – are you saying that it currently shows the manual when you browse to /manual/, and you don’t want that to occur?

If so, you can tweak that in “/etc/apache2/conf.d/apache2-doc”.

In my Ubuntu 12.04 install that I’m looking at here, there’s a line in there that looks like this:

Alias /manual /usr/share/doc/apache2-doc/manual/

You can just comment that out, and then restart Apache.


That is what I was looking for. The site of one of customers use that path to show its own manual.

Now it works as it should be.

Thanks so much!

Saludos desde Mexico!

Agustin Diaz.


I have the same issue but unfortunately there is no /etc/apache2/conf.d folder.
Do you know how I can remove alias to /manual ?


I’ve found it…it was in the /etc/apache2/conf-available/apache2-doc.conf file

Debian 8/9

just disable the configuration

a2disconf apache2-doc service apache2 reload OR apachectl graceful
and if you want to uninstall completely the apache2-doc package apt remove apache2-doc apt-get in case of Debian > 9