how (where) to allow users to manage/create mysql

I know I saw it somewhere…

If I am logged in to Vmin as the vhost user, where do I go to create a new database and add the username and password for it? I can see an area in Webmin called "Edit Database" but there arent many options there.

Is it possible that my template or module config is not allowing the users to manage mysql?


yes it should read in blue font on the top "edit databases"
if its not there you probably have to edit "edit owner limits" and set Can manage databases under Allowed capabilities and features

oh one thing I found out, if you create the domain but do not initially create the first database by default then the server owner can not create a database strangly enough.
The master admin needs to create the first database for him, before the server owner can do stuff with it.

so it is with me until joe comes along and shows me otherwise :)<br><br>Post edited by: ronald, at: 2008/06/03 13:41

I had to check "Can manage databases" in Administrative options> Edit Owner Limits

How do I make this the default when creating new vhosts? In the default template, all of the options are grayed out because it says
"Automatic, based on initial features "

What does that mean exactly?

If I over-ride the "Automatic, based on initial features " will that break anything?

you want to clone the default template, name it to something of your liking, like Bronze hosting plan or whatever you name the plans, and then edit that cloned plan leaving the default as-is.