How virtual server owners can edit Apache directives?

I want a vitual server owner be able to comment / uncomment a line in Apache directives for this server. That can only be done by editing manually the .conf file for this server.

As a root admin, in Services -> Configure Website, there are 2 tiles “Show Directives” and “Edit Directives”, the second open the text editor for the Apache directives conf file.
When logged as the virtual server owner, “Edit Directives” is missing.
The owner only has very limited options to alter these directives from UI.
The “Manually edit Directives” at the bottom of the “Show Directives” page has no effect.

What is the particular Owner limit that would allow that. I chked almost everything without success.

Thanks for help.

Allowing a user to change apache directives like that would be very very unwise. They could make a mistake and all the other sites that use that apache would go down as well. You’d lose business and customers. If a user needs to edit a directive, they have two options:
1.Contact you and you make the change for them (this way you know what messed up all the other websites and can fix it faster)
2.Tell them to add it to a .htaccess in the public_html folder (safest route, only their site is affected and not the entire system)