HOW to use?

Sorry for my early post.
Many thing i don’t know how to use virtual min. Cause it very different from plesk and i don’t know where to ask if Joe didn’t answere me, cause all my friend not use virmin.

I want ask how to redirect/forward my friend domain in virmin. Example want redirect/forward to I search for several day, but didn’t find it. And can my friend cpanel website move to my virmin, how?
Then how to make my smtp and pop3 not use, but and
And last thing how to make sub domain, example

Thanks for help…

there are many ways to do a redirect.
I usually use place below code in the top of index.php:

header(“Location:”); /* Send browser to that site /
exit; /
Make sure the rest of the code isn’t executed */
?> [/code:1]

for cPanel to import is described here:,virtualmin_for_cpanel_users/

not sure about the as it seems to work perfectly on my server with Postfix and Dovecot

the term subdomain is not (really) used in virtualmin, it is called a subserver and when creating a server/adding a domain, you can choose it from the menu on the top.
It would say something like top-level server | sub-server | alias of
then click sub-server and fill in the necessary info.

edit: the code has something strange in it like color# after the url, this isn’t suppose to be there, but the forum puts it there anyways<br><br>Post edited by: ronald, at: 2008/05/16 16:59

thank’s for reply, and that help me a lot… And why if i send my email to gmail, recepient accept it in spam. not at inbox?

per haps the recipient added your email address to his spamlist :slight_smile:
Setting up email properly is quite a task, I suggest to read a lot of good documentation on it incl. what yahoo and google have to say about it so that your server is seen as legitimate

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