How to use the FQDN as a domain on the server?

Hi guys, I am setting up the server tomorrow in my local DC and have got a domain setup to use as the FQDN, however I would also like to setup a website for the same domain to promote the hosting services. I know one of you has said it is possible to do this but I cannot tell if it is as simple as setting up the site as a virtual server like you would do normally.

Currently on another domain I am using plesk and have my hostname set as so this is something I would like to replicate with the new domain if possible.



If you’ve used say “” as your FQDN for the server for naming purposes, you can safely add that domain as a “Virtual Server” inside Virtualmin.

Technically, Virtualmin can be access using “IP address” and “port number”.


*** all our servers use the domain “”. While we do not use this domain for promoting our services, it is setup inside Virtualmin as a “Virtual Server” as we do use it for DNS purposes. ***


Thanks Peter, I am currently swamped with trying to learn loads of stuff and most of it seems to be leaking out of my brain rather than sinking in.


No worries. If you would like a crash course, I’d be happy to screen share with ya, and teach you a few things. My rates for such things are extremely inexpensive, as I enjoying helping people out, especially when it comes to Virtualmin and server related matters :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in chatting about things, drop me an email to: