How to use bacula


Hello everyone… I’ve installed bacula and it appears to be working (at least I’m getting no errors when I open it in Virtualmin). But as much as I’ve tried to configure it to back up files on my server, I’ve had no success at all! Can someone show me a basic set up or point me in the direction of a basic tutorial that would get me pointed in the right direction? If someone has successfully set the system up I’m sure once I’ve seen it I will be able to use it!

This is probably not the best place to ask about Bacula. We didn’t make it (though there is a Webmin module for it, I don’t use it). The Bacula website seems to have lots of documentation, though I can’t say anything about its quality.

Thank you… I tried reading through their site and it’s really confusing. I’ll try again when I have a couple hours to dedicate!

Dan Lewis

Maybe it’s just not the right tool for your needs? It’s a pretty complicated creature. There are many ways to backup your system(s), not all of them are that complicated. It has reasons for its complexity, but maybe they just don’t matter to your deployment(s).