How to upgrade virtualmin ubuntu 16.04

How to upgrade virtualmin 4.06.gpl to virtualmin 5.05.gpl on ubuntu 16.04?
webmin version is: 1.831

I added to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb virtualmin-xenial main

apt update
apt upgrade

but the version of virtualmin is still 4.06.gpl

Thanks for any advice

So, how’d you install Virtualmin? The would have setup the (two) apt repositories for you.

You need the virtualmin-universal repo, as well. The ubuntu one just contains binary packages specific to that version of Ubuntu, and none of the Webmin modules.

Webmin and Virtualmin was installed a few years ago when the server was running Ubuntu 14.04.
Don’t know anymore how that was installed.

After upgrading to ubuntu 16.04 creating new virtual servers and making backups of virtual servers don’t work anymore

The error is:

Failed to create virtual server : SQL select password from user where user = ‘ckd’ failed : Unknown column ‘password’ in ‘field list’
This is caused by changed name of the password field to authentication_string in MySQL 5.7 in the user table.

In the forums I read that this issue is solved in virtualmin 5.03

added to /etc/apt/sources.list both

deb virtualmin-universal main

deb virtualmin-xenial main

apt update
apt upgrade

but no update of virtualmin to version 5, still 4.06gpl

Are there more steps to be done for upgrading virtualmin from 4.06gpl to 5.xgpl?

I don’t have an Ubuntu system handy to check to confirm that’s the right configuration for the virtualmin-universal repo. If it’s configured correctly, and if you installed Virtualmin with packages from an apt repository, then they should update.

Does dpkg know about your Virtualmin installation?

dpkg -l webmin-virtual-server

dpkg -l webmin

Name Version Architecture Description

webmin 1.831 all web-based administration interfac

dpkg -l webmin-virtual-server

dpkg-query: no packages found matching webmin-virtual-server

Virtualmin was installed from webmin

  1. Log in to webmin and go to the home screen.

  2. Click on ‘webmin’ in the menu in the top left corner to expand the ‘webmin’ menu.

  3. Click on ‘Webmin Configuration’.

  4. Click on the ‘Webmin Modules’

  5. Check the radio button labeled ‘From ftp or http URL’ .

  6. Paste the link in the corresponding text field and click ‘Install Module’.

  1. Click ‘Install Module” button.

Is there any other way how to upgrade virtualmin besides apt update apt upgrade?