How to Upgrade to 7 and fix issues with upgrading Ubuntu to 22.04.1

Virtualmin version 7.2-1 Pro
Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1
Webmin version 2.001
Usermin version 1.860

After running do-release-upgrade thinking this was supported, we found issues with upgrading all the focal packages to jammy, and we also want to upgrade to 7 now that it is released, I am hoping this will resolve other issues, is there any guide to follow?



Major distro upgrades always runs a risk of breaking something as there are major changes and not all vendors update at the same pace.

That said, you can download the beta Virtualmin installer for VM7 and run…

sh --setup

*** Replace “” with the name of the install script downloaded ***

DO NOT run the installer, only with the --setup flag which changes the repos appropriately.

You can search the forum for where to find the beta installer.

I downloaded the beta script as below using this link from here Downloading and Installing Virtualmin – Virtualmin

wget -O

That worked without any errors, I rebooted, thanks.

One more issue, upgrading to 7, I read not to it is not released, then I have seen it was, what I noticed is that is focal and not jammy, and I am not sure if they have jammy, it did not work anyways.

apt update
Hit:1 jammy InRelease
Hit:2 jammy-updates InRelease                                                                                                                   
Hit:3 jammy-backports InRelease                                                                                                                 
Hit:4 jammy-security InRelease                                                                                                                   
Ign:5 sarge InRelease                                                                                         
Hit:6 sarge Release                                                                                        
Hit:7 jammy InRelease                                                                                          
Hit:8 bullseye InRelease                                                                              
Hit:9 virtualmin-focal InRelease        
Hit:11 virtualmin-universal InRelease

This is after running setup

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualmin.list
deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/debian-virtualmin-6.gpg] virtualmin-focal main
deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/debian-virtualmin-6.gpg] virtualmin-universal main


This protects the user from switching from Virtualmin 6 to Virtualmin 7 repos (because we switched from MySQL to Mariadb on Ubuntu for 7 and it is not safe to just switch). Unfortunately in this case, since there are and will never be 22.04 repos for Virtualmin 6.

OP will need to do something manual, I think. I don’t know that we’ll try to accommodate the case where Virtualmin 6 is installed on an unsupported distro…since it probably shouldn’t happen.

I’m having a hard time figuring out the path of least resistance for this. What you want to happen (probably):

  • Remove the existing Virtualmin repo (/etc/apt/sources.list.d/virtualmin.list) and setup for the Virtualmin 7 repos with the new install script using the --setup flag.
  • Protect MySQL by holding whatever stack package is installed. e.g. apt hold virtualmin-lamp-stack (virtualmin-lamp-stack in the Virtualmin 7 repo depends on mariadb, which is not a safe thing to switch to without human involvement)
  • Maybe that’s all?

Just be careful not to replace MySQL, unless you’re planning for it and doing the dump/restore dance.

There will never be jammy repos for Virtualmin 6. There are none, there will be none. The Virtualmin 6 installer and repos do not, and will not, support Jammy.

I understand, I will manually switch over to MariaDB before I try.

I am using Pro, can you tell me where to download the Beta version of the Pro

At this point, I am thinking I backup and blow this server away, and install new, this appears to be the only real solution to fixing this, after thinking about manually switching over database servers, what OS and version would you recommend?

I have tried all of them, thinking CentOS was the easiest, not sure that is still true, been with Ubuntu for a while now.

If I stay with Ubuntu Jammy and do a new install, will the Beta Pro fix this issue with the Database server?


I didn’t tell you to do that, though? You can keep using MySQL. Just make sure when you switch repos, you don’t switch databases, too (I told you how to do that, I think).

You don’t need the beta version. Virtualmin 7 installer is the one you get when you download the install script now.

Always the one you are most comfortable with. I will never say anything else about distro choice, no matter how many folks ask (and it gets asked all the time). You’re maintaining a complicated system, you need to know how it works. Virtualmin papers over a lot of differences, but you’re still a system administrator.

If you aren’t comfortable with anything yet, I prefer Rocky 8 or 9, and I use it for my own production deployments. Many people prefer Ubuntu, and that’s OK, too, just use an LTS release, and spend enough time with it to be comfortable with it. No matter what OS you use, you need to get comfortable with the way the OS does things; we do things as close to natively as possible (with a few minor exceptions, which are compromises to make it possible to support so many distros with so few people…like we use firewalld across all distros, for a variety of reasons).

Fix what? There is no issue. If you installed using the Virtualmin 6 installer, you have MySQL as your database. That’s not an issue. That’s just a fact.

If you upgraded your OS to an unsupported version (e.g. Jammy), then the Virtualmin 6 repositories do not have support for your OS. That’s also not a huge issue…you’re already installed. We don’t provide very many binary packages for Ubuntu, and the ones we do provide are the same across focal and jammy. You can just keep using the Virtualmin 6 repos. Our focal packages are fine on jammy.

If you need to switch to the Virtualmin 7 repos (I’m pretty sure you do not), you have to do what I said above, because it will force a switch from MySQL to MariaDB, and it will not do it politely or safely. Now that I see where you are and what you’re doing, I think I led you astray. Just stop messing with your system. Leave the focal repo enabled. It’s fine.

Don’t go out of your way to break stuff.

Thanks, I noticed you have Supported OS with CentOS at the top, next is Rockey, new to me, but I like CentOS, so it seems to be the latest, and maybe where I need to go, then Ubuntu, then Debian, and I do not wish to go through upgrades this way again, so I think Rocky sounds like a plan to me, I will get to know it fast enough, and I start with a fresh VPS, installing the pro first, or as instructed.

Thanks for sharing Rocky, I understand the OS war and having to support them.

Rocky is effectively CentOS. If was founded by the same person for the same reasons and with the same basic philosophy. It is one of several rebuilds of RHEL. I think of them as all the same (Alma, RHEL, Rocky), but just happen to choose Rocky because of its lineage and leadership.

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