How to upgrade a 5.04 GPL Virtualmin ?

Hi, I installed 2 years ago Virtualmin 5.04 (free = GPL) on a Jessie Debian server. I regulary update (via apt-get) my system and just today I made the (mistake maybe) to upgrade Webmin to 1.880 and it tells me in the Dashboard that the Vitualmin 5.04 (in red) is outdated.

So what can I do to upgrade Virtualmin without loosing my settings ?

here is my /etc/apt/sources.list :

deb jessie main

deb jessie/updates main

deb sarge contrib

thank you in advance ! regards

hi prx, my repos looks like yours except sarge contrib, but in bottom I have those two lines…

deb virtualmin-jessie main deb virtualmin-universal main

I also update everything in one go with apt update && apt upgrade -y - my virtualmin install was done on clean naked debian distro via script from virtualmin website. This also added virtualmin repos into my source list…

Hi Unborn ,
thank you : I am now sure it did not installed it via apt-get.
I made that you say (plus adding the virtualmin pakage key ) and that make nothing for the virtualmin upgrade.

I can not remember how I installed 2 years ago that virtualmin pack : Is there another mean please ?
thank you in advance

I looked at webmin modules, and Virtualmin5.04 GPL has been installed as a module , but I still not found how to jump from version 5.04 to 6 inside this module tool without deleting the existing module ans its configurations : who knows please ?

But, still : I enhanced the interface because now Virtualmin 5.04 is not anymore in red with label “outdated” : I installed git (apt-get install git in console) and got in the small icon in the left part as “Theme configuration” and in the bottom of the page , part “software update” in “Check for Authentic Theme updates” : say “yes”
and click button “force update theme” as stable. Then install theme update : and Virtualmin, still in 5.04 is not any more in red. small enhancement but enought. Hope this share will help. Close