How to update Virtualmin, now repos are gone and yum update wont work

I have this issue reported here, in that yum update wont work due to centos repos taken down:

But I also have this issue in that SSLs are not auto renewing:

So how can I update Virtaulmin when yum update wont work?


Did the solution provided on that thread not work for you?

OH… I am not sure why I missed the reply. Seems I am not getting notices from this forum, I didnt get your reply, I only just came back here now to chase it up as I need to install lame on the Centos 6 server but cant!! I will have a look now, and check why I am not getting notices from here.

YES! Brilliant. I already had a repo CentOS-Vault.repo with them all disabled. So I just disabled the repos using and then enabled the vault ones, and I can now successfully update virtualmin and install a new package lame. Thanks for pointing out the other answer! I cant update the other one its closed, but it worked.

Be aware CentOS 6 is dangerous to run in production at this point. Any OS past EOL is. So, you should be planning a migration to a new CentOS 8 server (or CentOS 7, but 8 is smarter, unless you have to have older versions or have to use fcgid with suexec, instead of PHP-FPM…we don’t support suexec on CentOS 8, all apps have to be running on an app server, like PHP-FPM or puma or unicorn or whatever) at the first opportunity.

Yes but when you have hundreds of websites and very busy it’s not a quick job! When you have email accounts on a server it’s even worse. When you have Joomla 1.0 sites it’s the absolute pits.

I have a Centos 7 server I could move old sites too, and a newer Ubuntu server for my Wordpress sites, but it will just take too long so have to risk it for a while.

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