How to uninstall just Cloudmin

How to remove just Cloudmin?

IN went to install Virtualmin on a new server, and using a link in the instructions to get the file in my account, it turns out this was Cloudmin. I uninstalled Webmin then. I then went and installed Virtualmin the normal way. But Cloudmin is still linked in the Virtualmin admin (top left menu). How do I remove Cloudmin please, I dont want it on this server?


I suppose reinstalling the server OS and then using the correct Virtualmin install script would be the best way to go here. Since you uninstalled Webmin already, it might be problematic to clean up the mess now. :slight_smile:

Maybe Eric has an idea though how to uninstall just Cloudmin, I unfortunately don’t.


Not going to reinstall OS, as I have sites on it now. Webmin is back on there… I uninstalled Webmin, then installed Virtualmin (which comes with Webmin). Its just I have Virtualmin | Cloudmin | Webmin links in the op left menu.

Cloudmin was not uninstalled when I uninstalled Webmin that installed Cloudmin in the first place.

I’m going to turn this question on its head… is it possible to move all Cloudmin settings from one server to another one? Now Cloudmin is on this new server, I might use this one instead of the old one, not sure yet though.