how to uninstall CloudMIN GPL, and keep the running VM's?


I need to remove / uninstall CloudMIN GPL from one of my servers, but don’t want to loose the running VM’s. How do I do this?


If you installed Cloudmin via the install script, you should have a package named either wbm-server-manager or webmin-server-manager.

You can just remove that module, but keep the webmin and virtual-server related packages installed to preserve Webmin and Virtualmin.

You may also want to remove the corresponding entry from your yum or apt repository, either by disabling “/etc/yum.repos.d/cloudmin”, or commenting out the entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.


Thanx Eric,

If I want to move this server to a CloudMIN commercial management server, do I need todo anything else?

Eric, can you please get back to me on this?

If you’re actually just upgrading to Cloudmin Professional, you shouldn’t need to uninstall anything (and you wouldn’t want to, as it would lose the Cloudmin metadata about your virtual machines). I’m not sure if there’s an Upgrade to Pro button in Cloudmin GPL yet, or not, but if there isn’t upgrading would simply be a matter of altering the repo path (either in the apt or yum configuration), and manually installing the Professional package.

I’ll ask Jamie to chime in on this thread, regarding whether there is an Upgrade button in Cloudmin GPL yet, and if not, what other steps might be needed to safely upgrade to Professional.

Yes, it is possible to upgrade to the pro version from within Cloudmin - just go to Cloudmin Settings -> Upgrade to Cloudmin Pro , and enter your new serial and key.

Well, I don’t want CloudMin on this particular server anymore since we already have another server which will run CloudMin. I only want the bare minimum CentOS + XEN to save some resources for the XEN domU guests.

If you un-install Cloudmin, running Xen instances will continue to work just fine - their .cfg files and disks won’t be touched.

ok, so to move this server to the other CloudMin master, so that it’s just another XEN host, I

  1. 1. remove either wbm-server-manager or webmin-server-manager - depending on what's installed
  2. 2. Add it as a XEN host on the other CloudMin master
  3. 3. - manually add the existing XEN VM's
What else?

Yes, that should do it.


How do I import the existing XEN VM’s into the new master, after adding the server?

You can import them one by one at Add System -> Add Xen Instance.

Thanx, I was hoping todo them all together. But noticed that when I added the server in CloudMin, there was a tick to import running XEN instances which did the trick