How to train spamassassin using WM/VM ?

Hi I can’t seem to find the path where messages are stored so I can use salearn to teach spamassassin what is and is not spam…

What is the default path? I am using the default setup for WB/VM

Any help is appreciated.

Ok I think I found it.


And FYI to train it use the following:

I create mail subfolders(of the main inbox) named ham and spam and move messages I know to be legit into the ham subfolder and known spam messages into the spam folder.

Then I run from the prompt:

sa-learn --no-sync --ham /home/domain/homes/user/Maildir/.INBOX.ham/{cur,new}

sa-learn --no-sync --spam /home/domain/homes/user/Maildir/.INBOX.spam/{cur,new}

Here is one of many resources to help:

The default setup for VM/WM appear to be the Maildir format so scroll down to that.<br><br>Post edited by: jmunjr, at: 2007/11/08 15:10