How to start new small buisness with webmin or virtualmin/virtualmin pro ?

Hello Everybody

I’d be happy if someone could explain to me briefly, what tools do I need to start new small business.
I want to allow customers open themselves the VM, install it for WIN / LINUX and manage the VM themselves via WEB interface.
Is enough for me WEBMIN? Do I need VIRTUALMIN? Or do I need VIRTUALMIN PRO?
What is my alternative? And whether the management interface need additional software like WHMCS?

I’d be happy with someone could explain to me the basics.

Thanks in advance.


Just to clarify – are you looking to provide shared web hosting?

Or do you want to provide your customers with their own VPS, where they would each have a full server?

It sounds like you’re hoping that they would each have a VPS, I just wanted to make sure that’s what you meant.


yes I want each user will have own VM,
and be able to install it what operating system or other software he wants.