How to setup the master / virtualdomain the right way after installation?


I did a few installations of Virtualmin on my boxes to try things out, but what escapes me is the right way to setup my domain on how to set up the admin / master domain to make it all work in concert. Now Virtualmin treats as a domain. So you get etc.

I would like to have the mail server to be and not etc.
Also using LE SSL certification on the services and on Virtualmin admin.
Can this be done through Virtualmin? It would make sense to me, since I have also ns1.myowndomain, ns2myowndomain etc. on seperate boxes.
What steps need to be taken to get such a setup, right after a fresh install with no other virtual servers etc. created.


Uh and not no no

If hostname mail using postfix one ip ( so no sni support for mail / postfix) you don’t want if one box more then only for mail and hostname.

You can change that manualy if needed in config files. And in mx records the main hostname/mailserver as

Both if one box is wrong this is wrong way to do it in my… using both and

Thanks, I don’t indeed want to go the wrong way, it was a bit confusing to me on how to implement things for the admin / owner domain.
So to not complicate things i won’t setup a virtual server with the same domain :wink: