How to setup mail server correctly

Hi guys
I just installed the Virtualmin. and added a new server
Now I have problem to find the correct server name and ports and credentials.
Where can I find the correct information.
I need to add my email accounts to Gmail or outlook.
What can I do? I could not find a proper tutorial and I’m confused about mail settings on Virtualmin.

at the moment, my email accounts works correctly with webmin but the emails go to spam by Gmail and other email accounts.

Could you please let me know how to fix these issues or share me a proper link / document to resolve the issue?


Both issues have been recently discussed in the forums. Could you browse messages here going back about a week?

Discussions are archived and the archives are made searchable for a reason. You could have saved yourself seven + hours of wait time as wellas the effort that you put in to describe your situation had you just done a quick search or taken a quick look at some of the recent messages here, @hosseinhashemidev.

I could not find any.
This is my question, but I can’t see any reply

Please share me a link if you could find a correct answer.

might be that your emails are not being accepted at the other end because its likely you need to ensure the following exist

  1. Reverse ptr for your server (only once done by your vps service provider)
  2. spf record in virtual server dns
  3. _dmarc record in virtual server dns

Some people use a single dkim instead of spf and dmarc

If you are not hosting dns, then these records need to be added in the domain registrar dns hosting

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