How to setup Email Server with RoundCube?

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1
Webmin version 1.962
Usermin version 1.812
Virtualmin version 6.14
Authentic theme version b19.62

Is there a guide on setting up Email Server with RoundCube as integrated webmail client?

I did default install of Virtualmin without issue, changed a few more setting that were minor, and installed Roundcube script and it does not work out of the box so I would like to have a guide, after initial install what is needed to get Roundcube able to send and receive from like Office 365 or Gmail.

I’ve tried to figure it out without asking, but it’s been about 5 days, and wiping and re-installing Virtualmin so I give up and ask for help/ :slight_smile:

It is supposed to work. That’s the guide.

Now, if you’ll tell us what didn’t work, including what specific errors you got, we can help you make it work and fix it for future installs.

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Joe, I apologize. I should have given more details. I have messed something up with my porkbun dns or at my web hosting. I’ll have to reply later again in a bit.
I apologize for my lack of details earlier. I know your not a Magician help fix issues with no information. :slight_smile:

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