How to setup an IP range and IP Pool for vm's

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I haven’t been able to create or see one virtual machine? I want to set up 10 or 50 vm’s, I herd I need to set them up with an ip range and an IP pool. how do I set the ip ranges and setup the server and vm’s? I am using nvme server. also, do I have to buy an IP range, or can I just get one IP and create a range?

It is easiest if you use multiple public IP addresses. If not you can use a single IP address and something like HAProxy and route based upon domain name (although this is much more involved), then you can just use internal IP addresses for your VMs.

You can add public IPs to your server through the Contabo CP.

Also, which service have you purchased from Contabo? You would normally need a dedicated server to run multiple VMs.

The declared scope for Cloudmin is virtualization for vm/web hosting so pixel_paul is totally right, you should have a range of public IPs, and Cloudmin will just use one from that pool. In my case, I always hand pick them, because I’m using Cloudmin just for myself not selling anything to clients. You will also see that Cloudmin tries to set proper DNS so this is also a clue, and it will complain about a lot of things if you don’t have proper resolution and public IPs. Anything else could mean much more effort than it’s worth, and you are better served using something/anything else really (a reverse proxy is a must and you can just point to anything internal, I have jails, docker containers, physical machines, VM’s, odroids, raspberries and so on) rather than beat Cloudmin into submission.

So private addressing - never tried it with Cloudmin for the above reasons, but pretty much with everything else. When I asked about this some 3000 years ago - the consensus was “just don’t”. Did this change?

With a firewall and 1:1 NAT, it is absolutely possible.

Is it safe to assume the suggestion that you shared effectively bypasses the need to have or purchase multiple ipv4 public addresses?

Considering the shortage of ipv4 addresses and high prices, I would like to learn if it would be possible to spin up multiple instances without the need to have a dedicated IP address for each and every VM, but still have some type of an IP Address so the machine can be accessed through?

Without going into too much detail, you could feasibly use a single IP address that is the external IP address of a virtual machine running HAProxy. Then create rules within HAProxy to route requests based upon domain name to specific backend pools:

Thanks. Does this mean a VM can only be accessed via domain name?

Yes, if you just used a single IP address and HAProxy, that is correct. Thining about it, you will need more than one IP for this to work, as the actual dedicated server will need a public IP.

Just so you know, I’ve not used the above technique - we use HAProxy on single domains to act as a load balancer with a single public IP address. This routes to front-end and back-end web VMs with private IPs. These VMs then connect to database and redis VMs, all with private IP addresses.

You can access the VMs via the ‘Link’ feature of Cloudmin. Similarly, if you SSH into the Cloudmin Primary, you can SSH into all the VMs that Cloudmin is managing.

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