How to setup a vps

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Virtualmin version 7.9.0 Pro

hello can anyone help me please i have just setup a vps server with fasthosts and im having with pointing it to my virtualmin server

What have you installed on the vps ?

just what is shows in the screenshot

i dont even have ssl setup yet on anything just what it shows already

Did you get the £1 a month vps ?

yes i did but im still using namecheap as my hosting but was thinking of doing a domain transffer to fasthosts

Ok doing the transfer does make it much easier as the dns and vps are all in one place. What do you want to host there the site & mail or just mail ?

both as it would be easer i think to have everything in one place like you said
and i find that fatshosts is a lot cheaper then namecheap too

Good, when you have transfered, this may want to go to pm’s or some other form of chat (e.g whatsapp) so there is no clutter on the virtualmin forums

yes i have whatsapp and yes i dont want to clutter the form up

Ok pm the details or if you prefer I’ll pm my details to you . Your choice

ok i will send u my details over in pm just send you my details jimr1

did you get my details jimr1 if you didnt get my private messege then send me your details and i will add you

yes I have got the details see PM