How to setup a backup server?


I have 2 unused physical servers running centOS 7 ( script is not saying centOS/RHEL 7 is supported but the website does, wich one is true?) ready for virtualmin installation and web hosting so i’d like to prepare myself for worst case scenarios like motherboard failure and such. What would be the suggest way of setting up a backup server? I can afford an hour or 2 of downtime.


We’d suggest at the very least, having a backup of all your Virtual Servers, which you can do using the Backup and Restore -> Backup Virtual Servers option.

You may also want to backup /etc.

If something goes awry, you can simply restore those Virtual Server backups onto your new server.

If you have a spare server, you could always restore your backups onto that spare server nightly.

And yes, Virtualmin does indeed support CentOS 7, I’ll make sure the install script mentions that.


Ok. Thank you. And what are the requirements for the backup server to accept the backup package from original server? Webmin and Virtualmin configurations must be the same on both servers?


Nope, no requirements! As long as Virtualmin is installed, the backup should restore onto it.

Well, the same features would need to be enabled (in System Settings -> Features and Plugins).

But aside from that you should be able to restore backups from another system without a problem.